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Happy Endings with Barrister and Scizz - Episode 3

Hey, we're back! We predictably got too busy and left a huge whole between episode releases, and did so within the first month of this podcast's young life. Solid work from your favorite Buffalo expat sports internet reality show stars. 

We get buzzed on Little Sumpin Ale and our own egos as we talk some serious nonsense about our Bills and Sabres, enormous tangential discussions of television, porn video mosaics of historical figures, and our mutual loathing for an HBO personality who is neither smart nor funny, but is too conceited to notice. 

Music by way of Bleachers, Nas, Smallpools and Jackie Fucking Wilson. 


Happy Endings with Barrister and Scizz! - Episode 2

Hey we did it! We kept to our promise to find an hour to talk this week and record that talking and make jokes and shit!

Barrister talks about his new job, Scizz talks about running, and the two bemoan idiot Doug Marrone, the weird status of the Sabres and some other stuff and other things that make them laugh.

Subscribe to the DGWU Sports CrapTastiCast on iTunes and be sure to download Episode 3! We promise to try to get it out earlier in the week next time.


Happy Endings with Barrister and Scizz! - Episode 1

Our little website adventure has been a haven for negativity, as a rule, and it's about time we tried to change that paradigm. Born out of Scizz's brain, we're taking a crack at a weekly podcast aimed at being positive. Positive enough to keep Scizz motivated to stay in the business of producing oral internet content without slipping into a downward spiral of rage and infinite sadness.

Enough of sad stuff that keeps us yelling too much.

We bring you Happy Endings with Barrister and Scizz.

Hope you like it. No big deal if you don't. We'll try to keep getting better. 


Episode 44: All Aboard the USS Inappropriately Tanked

We recorded a podcast. Our intentions were good, but the first two takes were lost in my computer so we by the time any recorded content was created, we were multiple drinks deep and had lost all sense of boundaries. Renn tries to keep it together, SBA tries to imagine being anywhere else other than Long Island, and Dubs tries to be as offensive as possible while pretending he knows stuff about sports.

Sabres. Bills. West Wing. EJ Manuel is a fucking idiot. Content. 


I'm so, so sorry.


The Casted Foot - Episode 10: The Spanish Inquisition

Hey we're wrapping up the global football preseason and are kicking it up a notch with some La Liga coverage brought to your earholes by Paul (@pvo78), who apparently took Spanish for 7 years and is thus some kind of Spanish football expert. We talk Premier League as well and discuss Paul's recent allegiance switch. 

Music from Curtis Mayfield, Cold War Kids, Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples. We outchea.

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The Casted Foot - Episode 9: Anybody Down With Pol Pot?

Kicking off a second season of this soccer-themed podcast, after a baffling hiatus during a massive soccer tournament this summer, The Barrister is joined by The Defenseman to talk Liverpool, the Premier League, vicious dictators, the Bills (barely acceptable tangential takes), and exclusive information about Liverpool's recent signings. Little known fact: The Defenseman has an uncanny ability to research the back stories of European footballers. 

Musical fire courtesy of OK Go and RJD2. 

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Hosted by Joe from Buffalo Wins, this synergistic podcast is focused on the Bills news of the day - namely Marcell Dareus, Jerry Hughes and their fast cars, and how we feel about #99 given his recent arrests and their closeness in time. We ramble and rant and ultimately get to talking about the future of the Bills and what kind of legacy we're wading through following Ralph Wilson's death.

Music from Wu Tang, Bloc Party and Gnarls Barkley. Cheers.

- The Barrister

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YO. The NFL Draft is pretty stupid, so it's not that hard to beat, but we may have just crushed it into a million pieces.

Dubs, @jambrones and @Boner_Shorts take you for a ride. Embrace it.

A mock draft, oral and aural. Except instead of pretending we have any impact on the decisions of a professional football team, we do what we do ... draft a dream band and talk about the music and musicians we adore. 

It rules.

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Episode 44: Nerf Guns and Snowman Erections

Back from the dead, The Scizz joins The Barrister for some delightful conversation wherein the pair take endless potshots at everyone, talk about the pitiful Buffalo hockey club, ponder Donald Trump and the meaning of life, and discuss the Wayans brothers. And other stuff probably. 

Music from The Jambrones, LCD Soundsytem, Pearl Jam, and Electric Guest


Barrister and Phil (@Mechaphil) talk Premier League and Liverpool and laugh about Vincent Tan and make jokes and then everything gets fucked with technology so our Manchester City-supporting special guest has to wait until next week. 

It's all a little bit of a mess, but that's typical at this point. 

Music courtesy of Matt and Kim, DJ Format, Audiomachine and Lauryn Hill. 

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Barrister and Phil (@Mechaphil) linked up again to re-hash the joy of winning at Old Trafford and look forward to Liverpool's trip to Cardiff. In the middle of it, we talk about Julian Green committing to the U.S. Men's National Team, FIFA corruption, and the glory of American deliberate indifference. 

Bonus clip at the end of this massively long episode as we welcome the hottest of takes from Rochester's biggest (only?) Cardiff City supporter, recorded before the game, at halftime, and immediately after Cardiff's 6-3 loss to the Mighty Redmen. /farts

Direct download: CastedFoot7.output.mp3
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Back with actual Buffalo sports talk, The Barrister, The Outlander and The Commander form a critical mass of Dear God Why Us? Sports and break down what happened with the Sabres over the last few days. Good God, it was messy and beautiful and let's do it again soon.

Musical interludes by way of The Jambrones, The Mooney Suzuki, Talib Kweli, Architecture in Helsinki and Basement Jaxx. Throw your hands up.

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The Barrister here.  My boy Phil, a dear friend of the Deeg, and talk Liverpool. You may remember Liverpool from such films as "Smoking Everton Off The Pitch" and "Ruining Arsenal's Universe."

A fun one. Music by way of Two Door Cinema Club, The Chemical Brothers and Black Tide. Breathe it all in.

Red or Dead.

Direct download: CastedFoot6.output.mp3
Category:soccer, epl, football, liverpool -- posted at: 11:01pm EDT

Woo boy, the EPL at Christmastide. I'm exhausted. 

Joining me to talk about the events, providing the hot fire soccer takes, are Brett (@BLeez17), Peter (@peterberkes) and Ryan (@goosesroost)... each Buffalo fans and each fans of the EPL. Albeit fans of squads in the EPL that deserve to die of cholera.

We ramble a lot, we laugh, we curse, and there's music, too. Naughty by Nature, The Black Keys, and The Weakerthans. It's all good fun.

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