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After Barrister and Beardo reveled in red, they opened up the floor to The Deeg's Manchester City supporter, The Outlander, and brought the beloved Peter Berkes on to make sense of his Hotspurs.  Berkes is arguably the most famous of Deeg podcast guests that aren't named Jeremy White and/or Nick Mendola, a distinction that seems much less impressive now that it's written out like that. Go figure. 

The EPL approaches the frantic fixtures of the holidays, and it's the funnest time of the sporting year when your teams are from Buffalo and no longer relevant. 

This "Part 2" was split in case you hate LIverpool and got nauseous listening to Part 1 and now want a less, I don't know, fellating set of takes. You should still listen to Part 1, too. It's boss.

Musical interludes from A Tribe Called Quest, Pusha T and Frightened Rabbit.


It was a fun weekend in the Premier League. It was a better weekend to be a supporter of the Liverpool Football Club. A stunning win at White Hart Lane, so The Barrister and good old Beardo talk LFC, deconstruct the good times, and laugh at Tottenham like assholes.


A joyous Bills recap is in the works, but in the meantime get some hot music takes in aural fashion as Jeff and Jon give tribute to EJ Manuel and his no huddle offense by breaking down two songs that clock in at under 2 minutes. Recorded before EJ hurried up and laid smack all over the New Jersey Jets, this is a real treat, kids.

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News happened yesterday. We blew the conch, gathered, and produced this. Enjoy.

Direct download: Episode_42.output.mp3
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Barrister chats with new-ish Deeg member and previously virginal podcaster, The Commander.

They talk about the Sabres being terrible, the Bills being fun again, media stuff, soccer (?) and try to keep this short but fail ever so miserably. Whatever, The Commander needed to get his feet wet with something long (giggity), and our podcast hoster hasn't been used in over a month.

Lots of music with this one - Ugly Duckiing, Homeboy Sandman, Phil Collins, Gorillaz and 2Pac.


Barrister running solo this week but gets a special guest for the second segment mostly because he hates the sound of his own voice.

Liverpool's win over Manchester United is the topic of the day. A boy named Phil gets Barrister all excited, as if he needed any motivation.

Music from The Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Kanye. 

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Be honest, none of you expected us to actually have a second episode of this now incredibly-famous-in-a-very-infintesimally-small-niche-market podcast ever, much less the very next week. If only to prove you wrong, or to allow Barrister one small moment of joy before moving to the suburbs, here is Episode 2. We are, from time to time, and at some times more than others, going to have a party. There will be cake.

This week was Liverpool winning 1-0 away at Villa Park. It was good fun. We drank. We revelled. We opined orally.



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A new podcast series two years in the making!

Back from his self-imposed, terrible sports-motivated hiatus, Yachtsman joins the Barrister for some hot sound-based takes. Unlikely to write for the site anytime this decade, El Yachtero's willingness to participate was largely based on the fact that he could do it while hungover and drinking. Fair enough.

Linking up at the 11th Street Bar, the home of Liverpool's NY Supporter's Club, Yachtsman and Barrister talk about LFC's opening win versus Stoke fucking City while quickly pulling down cigarettes on a lovely Saturday morning. Good times were had, adult beverages imbibed at outrageously early hours, and a podcast was made.

Music from Ratatat, Pearl Jam and Daft Punk.

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Bonus Episode: Barrister and Jeremy White Talk Bills, Mario, Broken Footsies

Barrister here. Jeremy White suggested, in the midst of unreasonable amounts of ranting in my twitter feed (@theycallmedubs y'all), suggested that we talk about Mario Williams and his broken/sprained/bruised/not really hurt at all (?) foot and Doug Marrone yelling at John Wawrow and others.

Fun times.

Music from Glitch Mob and Wu Tang. 

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Episode 41: An Internet Beer Garden

We gathered to chat about sports and stuff. Bills. Jokes. Dance music. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It's been too long. 

Music by way of White Panda, Dr. Ooo and Ellie Goulding. That's right. 

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Back with another rad installment of The BroneCast, Jon (@Boner_Shorts) and Jeff (@jambrones) hit you with a Stanley Cup Finals themed podcast wherein they pit the bands Chicago and Boston against each other. GET IT?!? 

As is typical with this series, the ambiguously frayed duo bring a wealth of musical knowledge and skills as they break down Boston's "Foreplay/Long Time" and Chicago's "25 or 6 to 4." And it all rules. 


Direct download: Chicago_vs._Boston.mp3
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So we got drunk at a Mets game last week. They lost. We recorded banter. 

Honestly, we talk about enough bullshit with no real direction that I should probably give you some sort of road map but absolutely have no desire to be of such assistance. You'll love it all the same.

Appearances from, as usual, the Barrister and the Apologist, and guest spots from our friend who is a Red Sox fan and my buddy JB who split sometime in the 7th inning. Musical interludes from Jefferson Airplane, The Beastie Boys, Ozomatli, Walk the Moon and Radiohead. 

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The Barrister

This was ruminating for a while, as the BroneCast regulars Jeff (@Jambrones) and Jon (@Boner_Shorts) had been discussing their mutual love of musicals with me for a while .... a love I, of course, dorkily share. So, since the guys had successfully started a music podcast it made sense to devote and episode to this genre sooner or later.

And then Jason Collins came out and we made the potentially offensive and easy leap to "hey let's get on that showtunes episode to celebrate the gay guy!!" 

The Bone Man, aka Jon, picked a couple of beauties this week: "You Have to Be Carefully Taught" from South Pacific and "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. Quite the pair of great Rodgers & Hammerstein tunes, replete with great inspirational messages to pay seems-like-snark-but-is-really-genuine tribute to Mr. Collins and all people who have struggled to publicly come out as their true selves. 

Direct download: BroneCast_Ep3.mp3
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This is as belated as we've been in a while. Maybe the dad among us shouldn't promise to edit anymore, particularly on a noght of such heavy drinking. With esteemed Deeg colleague Monsieur Boner Shorts in town, things got weird.

I won't bother recapping it, except to say this was recorded the night of Tuesday, March 26th, in the midst of Sabres, Knicks, USMNT, Clippers/Mavs and shots of whiskey. Also, the Scizz was there, so if you love the soft tones of his Franklinville accent, make sure to join in the fun with a download. 

Direct download: LL_10.output.mp3
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I don't even care that the title of this episode rips off 'Friends' - it's accurate. We're mean in this one. Well, really only with respect to certain creepy members of a certain local newspaper's sports staff.

Recorded during and after the Sabres' most recent game - a win?!?? - against the Maple Leaves of Toronto, we talk plenty about the Sabres, how sad we are about the lack of silver linings this season, and then whistfully predict the inevitable Cup run.  Oh, and Joe from Buffalo Wins makes a cameo to talk about striking out with the smokeshow bartender at Gleason's, further adding to the list of things we'll make fun of him about when he returns to Twitter on Easter.

Musical additions by the way of Jefferson Airplane, Homeboy Sandman and Kasabian. 


When watching your favorite team gets this hard, you need to find ways to make it fun. For most of us, this requires a great deal of alcohol, but here at the Deeg, recording podcasts makes it extra special. And so it was that the other night the Barrister and I stood outside our local pub and discussed a wide variety of topics while the Sadbres played not tough against the Flyers. (Note to Darcy: Just because there's a fight, it doesn't mean you played tough.)

Ok, so we mostly talked about basketball. Discussing the Sabres for more than 30 seconds gives us anxiety attacks at this point. But there are other reasons to listen too. We briefly discuss the brawl at the World Baseball Classic. Our ol' pal, Joe, stops by (he writes for a different blog, I can't remember what it's called). And there are highlights of our Rockupation of the Prudential Center last Thursday.

All in all… it's pretty mediocre.

But hey, it's Tuesday! What the hell else do you have to do?

Direct download: LL_8.mp3
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The Barrister and The Apologist

Hello fans of our infamous podcast! We were back at the local watering hole for beers, whiskey, a healthy helping of cigarettes and some Sabres hockey. The Buffalo Hockey Swords Team obliged, well, sort of. They got a point at least. 

Listen if you enjoy your hot sports takes with a high ABV and we know you do. 


The Apostles of Bob: Episode 6 - Los Angeles is Burning

Fresh off the NBA All-Star break, the Apostles gathered on a day off to discuss the state of the New York Knicks and the monumental fear that comes with it. This crippling fear, of course, was proven 100% accurate by the Knicks when they got absolutely dismantled on Wednesday night in Indiana and schooled Friday night against Toronto. Yay! The Road to the 5th seed!

We also discuss the potential playoff outlook of the entire Eastern & Western Conferences, why we both hate Dwight Howard (I mean besides Nazi sympathizers, who doesn't?), and finally say a few kind words about the legendary Jerry Buss, may he rest in peace.


The Legal Limit - Episode 6: Three Popes, One Coach

El Barristo and Aps

Hey internet friends! The Sabres are mighty terrible, having dropped a snoozer to the East's worst team (actually the Sabres are now that), yet here we are to deconstruct the shit show and drink the beers. 

This one, predictably, devolves into a #FireLindy party because, well, that's all we got.  Prove us wrong, Sabres. Please prove us wrong. You won't.

As always, our hot takes are set against the noises of New York City and the inevitable guy wearing really nice shoes and looking for change.

You're welcome.

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Bonus Episode: LIVE from #OccupyNassau

Welp. That happened.

We went to the Sabres game out on Long Island last week, we recorded dipshit #hottakes in the midst of our drunkenness, and then I took my sweet ass time editing it all into a nice little package for you. 

At least it's short, right guys?

If you enjoy those moments when we're the most wretched versions of ourselves, you'll love this one. If you prefer us when we're serious sports analysts, go take a nap while reading Buffalo Wins.

Music by the Jambrones, The Edgar Winter Group, The Doors and Eric Clapton. 

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Back with their now sort of famous to a few people podcast, Jeff (@Jambrones) and Jon (@Bones_Shorts) bring you Episode 2 of the BroneCast and ask that you please, please, please give a shit. 

Using the Super Bowl as a jumping off point, they pit Baltimore-born Frank Zappa against San Francisco band The Bungles.  They break down the music like few can, drop some f bombs and giggle like little girls.  Par for the course from the ever-growing Deeg Podcast Industries.  I hate myself for typing that.

Direct download: Please_Give_a_Shit.mp3
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Episode 40: Jeers for Tears

In one of our shortest CrapTastiCasts ever, we struggle for subject matter after the Sabres' first loss of the season.  While you can't really say we succeeded, we showed up at least so that's something.  During the more lucid moments at this particular installment from the Buffalo expat insane asylum, we talk a little about the Sabres, a little about Manti Te'o, a little about baseball, and a little about man tears. The Scizz was off his rocker for most of the evening so don't expect much by way of focus... which, incidentally you should never really expect from us anyway.

Musical content by way of Deeg house band The Jambrones, Jane's Addiction, Radical Face and Aerosmith. 


BroneCast - Episode 1: Cobras vs. Cotton Candy

In an effort to further expand our shitty digital universe here at the Deeg, contributors and house band members Jeff and Jon of The Jambrones have started a new podcast! 

Not quite sports-related, Jeff and Jon's new series will focus on music - specifically their review of individual songs using perhaps the dorkiest music teacher rubric to determine a winner. 

In the end, it's fucking rad.

With episode 1, the guys pit a hardcore tune from a Buffalo-based band against a manufactured pop tune from a young lady you probably hate. 

Download or stream, and enjoy!

Direct download: Cobras_vs._Cotton_Candy.mp3
Category:music, buffalo, taylor swift -- posted at: 10:01am EDT

Apostles of Bob: Episode 5 - Because Nobody Asked For It

The NHL lockout ends, so what does DGWU Sports do? We celebrate by bringing back our seldom listened to NBA only podcast. Nobody can ever say we're whores for page hits (*Cough* Buffalo Wins *Cough* Trending Buffalo *Cough Cough*).

The Yachtsman and Scizz are joined in this ep. by fellow Deeg member the Apologist aka the Cartographer aka the Jazzologist for some sexy-ass basketball takes. We discuss the top 5 teams in the NBA, and where the Knickerbockers rank among them. We sloppily break down the current roster status and predict whether or not it can get the team to the promise land that is the NBA Finals.

We also talk about who the best and worst analysts and announcers in the league are (surprise, we hate almost everyone from ESPN), the Carmelo/KG/Honey Nut Cheerios incident, Andray Blatche's potential sex scandal, and a look back at the crazy players we used to love. LATRELL NEEDS TO FEED HIS KIDS!


Episode 39: Loose Poops & Toilet Wine

Never has a CrapTastiCast required so much editing. 

Sunday didn't go quite as planned. Our special guest for the afternoon was absent due to the failings of Time Warner's high-speed never really works internet so the rest of the NYC-based crew soldiered on with discussions of the Bills, Sabres, NHL and a silver platter of other topics that I can't be bothered to remember. We finish it off with another installation of our game "Scizz is a Douche," thereby giving us all the opportunity to show how stupid we are when we're a few deep. 

Musical interludes care of Radiohead, Dr. Dog, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Bears. Download and stream below, or hit our libsyn podcast page for access to all of our podcasts.