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Harts and Dubs are back on the mean streets of Manhattan. Intoxication and takes ensue. Come for the slurred speech, stay for the sounds of a garbage truck parked next to us. 

Hashtag nachos.

Music by Chance the Rapper, DATA and DJ Shadow. Yeah you know the one. 

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In this slightly (read: very) belated publication of the Buffalo sports podcast you love to hate, we give you a glimpse into the week the was 8 days ago - before James Harrison called his sons entitled pussies, before the Bills signed IK and Tyrod Taylor became a thing, before Paul Cambria stormed Bedenko's Facebook page and gave us a glimpse of the best defense attorney talent Buffalo has to offer. 'Twas a simpler time. 

It's another long one. Take breaks if you need to, but come back so we can finish the job. It's Paul Olczak's first CrapTastiCast, after all, and we wanted to treat him right. 

Music by way of The Jambrones, OK Go, EXGF, Disclosure, and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats. Some good, good shit in the episode, y'all.


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I am so fucking pumped about this. Basically my favoritest thing we did in this podcast game was the last band draft we did (I received the best draft grades on Yahoo! but the worst on ESPN, fuck them), so it was time to do the damn thing yet again. 

It is their baby, so I can only claim scant credit for the content about to hit your ear holes, but I'm joined by @Boner_Shorts and @jambrones. Theya re rad as fuck.

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Episode 45: Guy Fieri, the Ethics of Tanking and Your Mom Gave Me a Rash

We're back bitches. For how long, only the gods can tell. Probably a while. 

Shit has been busy as hell, I mean fuck me, we recorded this nearly 90 minute shit show of oratorial magic Wednesday fucking night, and here we are. It's Saturday, I have a weird shame glaze all over me, and it's a done deal. 

We talk Sabres, Bills, TV chefs, the creepiness of John Wawrow on twitter, and SBA's overwhelming hatred of Long Island. 

Music by way of The Jambrones, The Lost Boyz, Phoebe Ryan, The Tallest Man on Earth and Haim. Incidentally, I am a 32 year old man and am seriously considering seeing Haim open for Taylor Swift in the Meadowlands this summer. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 


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Happy Endings with Barrister and Scizz! - Episode 4

The lovable idiots are back talking about the Bills coaching situation (recorded before the more recent Rex Ryan reports have been coming out), and then some other stuff like movies and music and karaoke and Sondheim musicals. 

Musical interludes by way of Bleachers, Soundgarden, The Griswolds (no not those Griswolds), and Jackson 5. 

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The Casted Foot - Episode 10: The Spanish Inquisition

Hey we're wrapping up the global football preseason and are kicking it up a notch with some La Liga coverage brought to your earholes by Paul (@pvo78), who apparently took Spanish for 7 years and is thus some kind of Spanish football expert. We talk Premier League as well and discuss Paul's recent allegiance switch. 

Music from Curtis Mayfield, Cold War Kids, Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples. We outchea.

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Hosted by Joe from Buffalo Wins, this synergistic podcast is focused on the Bills news of the day - namely Marcell Dareus, Jerry Hughes and their fast cars, and how we feel about #99 given his recent arrests and their closeness in time. We ramble and rant and ultimately get to talking about the future of the Bills and what kind of legacy we're wading through following Ralph Wilson's death.

Music from Wu Tang, Bloc Party and Gnarls Barkley. Cheers.

- The Barrister

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YO. The NFL Draft is pretty stupid, so it's not that hard to beat, but we may have just crushed it into a million pieces.

Dubs, @jambrones and @Boner_Shorts take you for a ride. Embrace it.

A mock draft, oral and aural. Except instead of pretending we have any impact on the decisions of a professional football team, we do what we do ... draft a dream band and talk about the music and musicians we adore. 

It rules.

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Back with actual Buffalo sports talk, The Barrister, The Outlander and The Commander form a critical mass of Dear God Why Us? Sports and break down what happened with the Sabres over the last few days. Good God, it was messy and beautiful and let's do it again soon.

Musical interludes by way of The Jambrones, The Mooney Suzuki, Talib Kweli, Architecture in Helsinki and Basement Jaxx. Throw your hands up.

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Woo boy, the EPL at Christmastide. I'm exhausted. 

Joining me to talk about the events, providing the hot fire soccer takes, are Brett (@BLeez17), Peter (@peterberkes) and Ryan (@goosesroost)... each Buffalo fans and each fans of the EPL. Albeit fans of squads in the EPL that deserve to die of cholera.

We ramble a lot, we laugh, we curse, and there's music, too. Naughty by Nature, The Black Keys, and The Weakerthans. It's all good fun.

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A joyous Bills recap is in the works, but in the meantime get some hot music takes in aural fashion as Jeff and Jon give tribute to EJ Manuel and his no huddle offense by breaking down two songs that clock in at under 2 minutes. Recorded before EJ hurried up and laid smack all over the New Jersey Jets, this is a real treat, kids.

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News happened yesterday. We blew the conch, gathered, and produced this. Enjoy.

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Barrister running solo this week but gets a special guest for the second segment mostly because he hates the sound of his own voice.

Liverpool's win over Manchester United is the topic of the day. A boy named Phil gets Barrister all excited, as if he needed any motivation.

Music from The Beastie Boys, Daft Punk and Kanye. 

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Be honest, none of you expected us to actually have a second episode of this now incredibly-famous-in-a-very-infintesimally-small-niche-market podcast ever, much less the very next week. If only to prove you wrong, or to allow Barrister one small moment of joy before moving to the suburbs, here is Episode 2. We are, from time to time, and at some times more than others, going to have a party. There will be cake.

This week was Liverpool winning 1-0 away at Villa Park. It was good fun. We drank. We revelled. We opined orally.



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A new podcast series two years in the making!

Back from his self-imposed, terrible sports-motivated hiatus, Yachtsman joins the Barrister for some hot sound-based takes. Unlikely to write for the site anytime this decade, El Yachtero's willingness to participate was largely based on the fact that he could do it while hungover and drinking. Fair enough.

Linking up at the 11th Street Bar, the home of Liverpool's NY Supporter's Club, Yachtsman and Barrister talk about LFC's opening win versus Stoke fucking City while quickly pulling down cigarettes on a lovely Saturday morning. Good times were had, adult beverages imbibed at outrageously early hours, and a podcast was made.

Music from Ratatat, Pearl Jam and Daft Punk.

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Bonus Episode: Barrister and Jeremy White Talk Bills, Mario, Broken Footsies

Barrister here. Jeremy White suggested, in the midst of unreasonable amounts of ranting in my twitter feed (@theycallmedubs y'all), suggested that we talk about Mario Williams and his broken/sprained/bruised/not really hurt at all (?) foot and Doug Marrone yelling at John Wawrow and others.

Fun times.

Music from Glitch Mob and Wu Tang. 

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Episode 41: An Internet Beer Garden

We gathered to chat about sports and stuff. Bills. Jokes. Dance music. Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It's been too long. 

Music by way of White Panda, Dr. Ooo and Ellie Goulding. That's right. 

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The Barrister

This was ruminating for a while, as the BroneCast regulars Jeff (@Jambrones) and Jon (@Boner_Shorts) had been discussing their mutual love of musicals with me for a while .... a love I, of course, dorkily share. So, since the guys had successfully started a music podcast it made sense to devote and episode to this genre sooner or later.

And then Jason Collins came out and we made the potentially offensive and easy leap to "hey let's get on that showtunes episode to celebrate the gay guy!!" 

The Bone Man, aka Jon, picked a couple of beauties this week: "You Have to Be Carefully Taught" from South Pacific and "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel. Quite the pair of great Rodgers & Hammerstein tunes, replete with great inspirational messages to pay seems-like-snark-but-is-really-genuine tribute to Mr. Collins and all people who have struggled to publicly come out as their true selves. 

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Back with their now sort of famous to a few people podcast, Jeff (@Jambrones) and Jon (@Bones_Shorts) bring you Episode 2 of the BroneCast and ask that you please, please, please give a shit. 

Using the Super Bowl as a jumping off point, they pit Baltimore-born Frank Zappa against San Francisco band The Bungles.  They break down the music like few can, drop some f bombs and giggle like little girls.  Par for the course from the ever-growing Deeg Podcast Industries.  I hate myself for typing that.

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Episode 38: I'm Dreaming of a White Podcast, with special guest Jeremy White

Back from a pretty long hiatus, the Deeg is back with another CrapTastiCast, and it's one some of you have been waiting for since Mr. White and I exchanged words over the NHL Lockout in October.  We spoke about having Jeremy chat record with us at the time, but daddy duties and Hurricane recovery put this on the backburner until now.  

Perhaps that delay was for the best since, in the month and a half that has followed that initial twitter fight (God I feel so stupid typing that), Jeremy and I have had a chance to talk more about the lockout.  While I wouldn't say we've reached any kind of consensus on those issues that got me so heated in October, it's become apparent that Jeremy is a civil dude (not always readily apparent on twitter... which could be said about many) and that civility plays itself out on what you'll listen to here.

My apologies if you came here expecting nothing but our unridled asshole shtick. Frankly, we care too much about the issues of the lockout to cave into our sophomoric tendencies - at least this time - especially when we have a guest willing to look beyond the fact that I may or may not have called him a equivocating hack/dickhole back in October.  

Which isn't to say that this CrapTastiCast is entirely devoid of those tendencies you've come to know and love. Along for the ride are The Scizz and The Continental. In addition to the lockout, we talk Bills, Jets, Mets, Knicks and stumble through a few completely inappropriate conversations about drugs in closets and Scizz's love for our 43rd President.  

If you're only interested in our talk with Jeremy, cue it to 15:55 and enjoy. Also - give yourself the finger from us since we think you should listen to the whole fucking thing.

In addition to our usual intro, Deeg house band The Jambrones help us out with our first two musical interludes, while the rest is picked up by Audioslave and Brother Ali. 

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